Is Washington pressing scientists to downplay global warming? Congress to investigate

At a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chair Henry Waxman (D-California) said, "We know that the White House possesses documents that contain evidence of an attempt by senior administration officials to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of global warming and minimize the potential danger." According to this article on, "In the past, the White House has said it has only sought to inject balance into reports on climate change."

Editing the papers of scientists should not be handled by editors who are not scientists, I would argue. Here is some of the data provided by the 308 of 1,600 scientists who responded to the survey that is being discussed:

  • 43 percent of respondents reported edits during review of their work that changed the meaning of their findings.
  • 46 percent felt administrative requirements that impaired climate-related work.
  • 67 percent said the environment for federal government climate research is worse now than five years ago.
  • 435 instances of political interference in their work over the past five years

John McCain, (R-Arizona) Barack Obama (D-Illinois), Barbara Boxer, (D-California), Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut) and Jeff Bingaman (D-New Mexico) all are supporting bills to put so-called "carbon caps" in place in the U.S.


[Source: MSNBC]

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