Speaking of "Poop to Power"... It's better than dead-dinosaurs!

Well, well, well. Two poop-to-power posts in one day. Lucky you! This time, instead of cows, we are talking dogs. I have three of them myself, and I can tell you just how horrible of a chore it is to clean up after two dobermans and a chihuahua. Yes, two dobermans and a chihuahua - no, she is not a chew toy.

Anyway, if you, like me, have any larger dogs, you undoubtedly know how much, ahem, excrement they "produce". Man, if I could run my car on it, I'd really be getting somewhere. I might not even mind "collecting" it for that reason... maybe. But, anyway, there is a video at this link that shows a doggy-play-park that is doing just that: collecting doggie-doo to be converted into electricity. No, it's not exactly running your car on it, but it's close enough for our purposes. I would never suggest having a dog just for the purpose of "extracting energy", but if I could drop off my dogs contributions somewhere near where I live, I'd do it. I'm so green, even my dogs contribute to the cause.

"Yeah, dog!" - Randy Jackson

If you are seasoned reader of this site, the following may not be news to you, but, there have been many stories of using various animal by-products for fuels. Here is a short rundown of some of them:


[Source: Youtube via Hugg via Treehugger]

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