From poultry waste to biofuel?

The University of Georgia has been quite busy finding new ways to develop alternative fuel. We've already seen an effort to turn watermelons into biomass. Now UGA scientists are studying the possibility that poultry litter can be converted into a bio-fuel.

Poultry litter is mostly manure mixed with bedding materials such as wood shavings. Each chicken at the state's poultry farms, which make up a $4 billion business in Georgia, leaves about 2.5 pounds of litter. By separating the poultry litter into fine and course materials, different agriculture needs can be met. The fine litter is turned into fertilizer while the course, energy-rich materials are heated to created char and bio-oil. The latter can be further refined into a diesel-like fuel to power farm equipment.

Experts say the chicken-litter fuel could save 283 million gallons of fossil fuel.

[Source: Southeast Farm Press]

Biodiesel, ethanol, SVO and chicken droppings

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