When sheep fuel your gas tank

If current gas prices are keeping you awake, trying counting sheep. No, really. A company called Australian Farmers' Fuels is converting animal fat into fuel.
The numbers are telling. One sheep can provide roughly 2 gallons of biodiesel. A ( GM) Holden Astra was able to travel roughly 65 miles per gallon on the fuel. A cow, though, provides more than four times the amount of biodiesel.

Australian Farmers' Fuels powered all the machinery at the Royal Adelaide Show's first "green" show in 2004. Last year the South Australian Government started to use the fuel for its buses and trains. States Fuels founder Andy Fischer, "That was the start of the groundswell."

While Australian Farmers' Fuels continues to use animal fat for its biodiesel, the company is also converting plant material as well.

[Source: The Australian]

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