State of the Union - I'm guessing Bush couldn't pronounce "cellulosic ethanol"

OK, so the alternative energy part of the President's State of the Union speech went pretty much as expected tonight. He did say "global climate change", which drew plenty of applause, as did his call to reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent in the next ten years. Better fuel economy for cars and using more ethanol are the ways to do this, Bush said.
Bush did promote (but didn't try to pronounce) cellulosic ethanol from wood chips, grasses, and agricultural wastes. I can see America using five times more ethanol in 2017 than we do today, as Bush called for, but he also called for increased domestic oil production, which I'm not a fan of. Bush's call for cleaner non-automotive energy was met with the standard list: technology to burn clean coal in power plants, solar wind and nuclear.

Actually, these types of coal alternatives might power the plug-in cars Bush spoke about. For a guy who less than 30 percent of Americans think is doing a good job, his energy plan (and that's all it is, a plan because we've heard a lot of this before) strikes the right tone. But, it's still George W, and he's divisive. I'm waiting for the first remix of Bush's utterings of "biodiesel" "plug-in hybrids" and "ethanol" into a catchy viral video.

We'll have the exact transcript of the speech and more analysis later. This is just my reaction to listening to the speech on the radio. Have at it in the comments.

UPDATE: The transcript is here.

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