Zap! Cars update: expansion in California, Indiana and Argentina

Zap seems to be firing on all pistons these days. Odd, isn't it, for a company that deals in electric vehicles. While offering up a solar electric car at the SF Auto Show last month and setting up a million-tree planting campaign, the electric car company has been busy with domestic and international expansions.

Most of the domestic expansion is happening in California, with new dealers in LA ( Little Radio EV) and San Diego county ( Electra-City Motors). In the interior of the country, the city of Elkhart, Indiana now has a Zap car for use downtown. Mayor Dave Miller told the local Fox news affiliate that, "It's a three-wheel vehicle but has all the amenities. It has a little heater, stereo system. You can close the doors and be out of the weather. We'll put it to work for the benefit of the citizens of Elkhart." (Click here for video)

Lastly, while AutoblogGreen reader Tony Roberto Zorzi Silva may complain that Zap vehicles are not available in Brazil (where some Zap cars are made), the company's EVs will soon be for sale in Argentina. Unfortunately, the Argentinean distributor Miramaxis is more interested in Zap's electric scooters, dirt bikes, and other non-car vehicles than in Zap's cars or trucks.

[Source: Zap! WJSV]

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