President "Bush" helps kick off Zap's million-tree program

ZAP Car officials kicked off their million-tree program last weekend, which allows buyers of ZAP's electric vehicles to not only drive around without burning any gasoline in the motor but also help take CO2 directly out of the air by planting trees. Every time someone buys a ZAP electric car, company officials have agreed to pay to plant 200 trees. Interested individuals who can't afford one of ZAP's EVs can donate $25 to ZAP and the money will be used to plant 200 trees.
But here's the thing. To kick off the program, ZAP got a President Bush imitator to give a press conference. Sure, ZAP had a representative from the Chinese factory where ZAP cars are made (Yong Ja?) and ZAP chairman and founder Gary Starr on hand to talk up the program, but the real reason to watch this video clip of the conference is a Bush imitator praising the tiny EVs and the tree-planting program. Or Bush-planting.

"That's why they brought me in today, the living, breathing Bush," the imitator said.

[Source: Zap]

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