And finally, the real Carrera GT crash story

The New York Post is reporting full details of the Porsche Carrera GT crash story, the details of which are markedly different than what we initially received, reported and ultimately retracted yesterday. According to the Post, Port Chester, NY body shop owner Chris Numme had performed minor repairs on the silver GT and was transporting it back to a Greenwich, CT Porsche dealership (presumably New Country Porsche, though the article doesn't name them specifically) on November 24 when the accident occurred.
While on the way to the dealer, Numme was forced swerve to avoid a truck that was creeping through a stop sign. While maneuvering, he upshifted to second gear and the car lost traction, jumped onto the sidewalk, and hit the utility pole. He was not speeding, according to the report. An eyewitness described the crash as being very loud, and was shocked to see Numme and a passenger exit the car. Numme, as was widely reported earlier in the week, did suffer a broken foot. His passenger, who is not named, experienced neck and back pain. Local police did not cite Numme for any traffic violation.

The car's owner is investment banker Robert Greenhill of Greenwich, former chairman and CEO of Smith Barney. As for the replacement of the car, it is being handled by Numme's insurance company. The report we were initially given that the car was replaced the following day appears to be wholly inaccurate.

[Source: NY Post]

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