We have pulled the story on the Porsche Carrera GT crash that was published on Tuesday, as we had received communications questioning its accuracy. We picked up the story after it had been featured on several internet outlets, including the EliseTalk forums, where our source, Mark Starr, had posted photos of the crash site. Since the veracity of the story was called into question, we have revisited the story with Mark, and have determined that due to a miscommunication between us, we did unintentionally post misleading information.

The original story, as relayed to us, was that the car was taken out from a party last weekend. Lost in the translation was that it was taken from a third party. Our understanding now is that there was no social event involved, and it is no longer clear to Autoblog whether or not any involved parties knew each other personally. In fact, we're now unable to report on any of the circumstances that led to the crash due to this initial misunderstanding.

Mark stated to us that to the best of his knowledge, the part of the story regarding the near-immediate replacement of the car is, in fact, true. He has also confirmed to us, however, that he did not speak to any of the involved parties directly and that this information was provided to him by other sources he considers to be reliable. Since he heard it secondhand, we must also assume that element and every other part of the story published could potentially be inaccurate. As a result, we are officially retracting the entire post.

At Autoblog, our intent is to present accurate information at all times. In the case of this story, that didn't happen, and though we rarely ever delete a post from our archives, we felt in this case it was the only proper way to handle the situation.

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