Honda tries Wal-Mart concept in Canada

In an effort to make it easier for brand-loyal consumers to conveniently purchase its entire range of products, Honda is trying a concept similar to Wal-Mart, one stop shopping.

The concept stores have already opened in Quebec under the Honda Center banner and Ontario under the Honda Powerhouse moniker, with more to follow soon. These outlets sell everything from lawn mowers and snow blowers to cars, trucks, and motorcycles, as long as it's a Honda.

Dealers are very excited about the concept. One dealer plans to place the new Honda Powerhouse on 10-acrers of land located directly between his Honda and Acura stores. He hopes that consumers stopping to buy a car might look at a generator, snow blower or motorcycle, as well. Industry analysts feel the same way. The best way to capture a consumer loyal to the brand is to make sure he/she is exposed to all of its products. The retail outlets that feature the Honda Powerhouse or Honda Center franchises will train all of the salespeople in the facility on Honda's entire line of products.

Sound like a good idea? It definitely makes it easier to ensure the TRX450R you bought (and financed with the truck) fits in the back of your new Ridgeline without leaving the lot.

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

Thanks to David for the tip!

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