Audi Q7 gets five stars

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently completed testing of Audi's newest 'ute and awarded the Q7 five-stars, the highest rating possible, for both front and side crashes. The tests also gave the Q7 a four-star rating for rollover avoidance.

Once again, standard safety equipment reigns supreme, as the Q7 protects its passengers with the required dual-front airbags, but also comes equipped with SideGuard™ side-curtain airbags which almost always improve occupant's safety. Rear-side airbags to protect passengers in the 2nd row are also an option.

To thwart the SUV from going greasy-side-up, Audi employs their trademark Quattro AWD, but also installs their Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with roll over detection.

All this puts our mind at ease, knowing that Erin was well equipped to handle the perils of the world during her recent test drive of the Q7. Whew.

[Source: AudiWorld News]

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