AltCar Expo coming to Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Art Center will play host to an auto show dedicated to alternative fuel and high mileage vehicles on December 9 and 19 10, 2006. The show, The Alternative Car and Transportation Expo, is being sponsored by the City of Santa Monica along with a slew of companies that are in the business and is intended to be the biggest, most diverse exhibition ever of hybrids, electric, natural gas, and hydrogen vehicles along with other technologies. Along with the four wheeled vehicles, they will also have electric bikes, mopeds, scooters. Over 100 of these advanced and high mileage vehicles will be on display in the Barker Hanger. Thanks to the city and the companies which are sponsoring the event, admission will be free.

In contrast to typical car shows that consist of static exhibits of all the cars, this show will feature lots of opportunities for the attendees to learn about and experience green vehicles. The show will include a ride and drive area so that people can actually find out what it's like to drive some of the cars. Exhibitors at the AltCar Expo will include American Honda Motor Company, Tesla Motors (maker of a high-performance electric sports car), Toyota, Zap, Segway, Louroe Electronics, AC Propulsion, Miles Automotive, Clean Energy, and Feel Good Cars Corporation and others. The show will also have displays and seminars to teach people about the technology, mass transit, and the tax breaks that are available to help purchase these kinds of vehicles. Some of the vehicles will even be available for immediate purchase at the show. If you are in the Santa Monica area in early December it's probably worth stopping by the show just to see some of these vehicles and maybe try some out.

[Source: TheAutoChannel, thanks to Rebecca Carter]

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