Ford GT vs GT500 mural adorns cover of Winding Road

Credit goes to the folks at Winding Road for really stepping it up a notch lately. Their latest issue features a cover designed by Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo, who painted it on the bare wall of a building at Ford. He even added Le Mans racing stripes to the GT500 convertible, which, for those who don't know, isn't actually available on the convertible. We love the new dual-page spread covers, and Winding Road is finding some very creative ways to use the extra space. Remember the Audi R10 Lego tribute cover?

Issue 13 of Winding Road also features articles on the MINI GP, the Lexus LS460 (did they do a burnout, too?) and a decommissioned Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, the latter penned by former Autoblog editor Chris Paukert.

[Source: Winding Road]

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