World's First: Lexus LS460 gets loose

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Upon perusing our October 2006 issue of Motor Trend, we ran across the mag's review of the new 2007 Lexus LS460 and a pair of pictures caught our eye. Before us on the printed page was a bright silver LS sedan doing a burnout and... (gulp) drifting! The Japanese luxury carmaker's relentless pursuit of perfection has always been so categorically opposed to having fun while driving that the images seemed from another world altogether.

But indeed they are not. You see, the 2007 Lexus LS460 is the first LS sedan ever that allows its stability-control system to completely turned off. Once the big lady lets her guard down, the 4.6-liter V8 producing 380 hp and 367 ft-lbs. is totally and utterly at the mercy of your right foot, which makes burn outs and drifting possible for the first time in a Lexus LS sedan. In fact, we'd venture to guess that Angus Mackenzie and company over at Motor Trend are the first to perform this feat in a Lexus LS sedan, if not the first to record it on film, though they certainly won't be the last. And to think, the even more powerful hybrid LS600h is still yet to arrive.

Special thanks to Motor Trend for furnishing us with these pics, and to photographer Mark Bramley for capturing the moment.

[Source: Motor Trend - Oct. 2006, subscribe here]

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