Le Mans goes Lego on cover of Winding Road

Online auto mag Winding Road has always been an interesting read, but one area in which the digital rag's been lacking is graphic design, particularly when it comes to covers. The most recent issue eclipses all others by foregoing the expense of more talented graphic designers and putting the mag's face in the hands of Todd Osborn, an Ypsilanti, Michigan resident and apparent Lego god.

The cover features a dead-on shot of Audi's R10 diesel Le Mans racer composed entirely of Legos. Osborn used a little less than 20,000 blocks to create the work of art, and requested Winding Road return them all when the photo shoot was finished. At the end of this "Making Of" video we see the Winding Road staff unceremoniously dismantling the work brick by handful of bricks.

[Source: Winding Road via Nestcape]

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