Ford recalls over 100,000 flex-fuel vehicles

. The month of August continues to be a bad one for Ford Motor Co. The troubled automaker, which Toyota Motor Corp. surpassed in U.S. sales for the first time in history, also announced a recall of over 1 million trucks, SUVs, and vans to repair wiring issues in the cruise control system. The system can catch on fire in rare instances.

Ford now is issuing a recall of over a 100,000 of its Brazilian-built Fiesta compacts and EcoSport mini-SUVs (pictured). The vehicles, which are all flex-fuel or able to use either gasoline or ethanol, use a small auxiliary gas tank to power up during cold weather. According to Ford, some of the tanks may crack and break.

None of the recalled vehicles are sold outside of Brazil. We at AutoblogGreen are gladdened that Ford's dealing with the issue promptly. Brazil is the largest user of biofuels in the world and the Fiesta is extremely popular in the country. Recalls, especially how they're handled, can make or mar a company.

[Source: Reuters]

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