Toyota passes Ford, DaimlerChrysler in U.S. sales

Stepping back from July's detailed sales data for a moment, at the big picture level it's worth noting that July marked the first time that Toyota sold more cars in the U.S. than Ford. Furthermore, year to date sales figures show that Toyota has outsold DaimlerChrysler (Chrysler Group and Mercedes-Benz combined) in the U.S. market.
Trying to draw attention away from his firm's growing presence in the U.S. market, Toyota Motor North America senior VP Dennis Cuneo said "It's not Toyota's intention to overtake any particular manufacturer," going on to echo Ford's Mark Fields (president, Americas) saying, "The U.S. market is really becoming the Big Six rather than the Big Three. You're going to have six substantial players here: GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, and maybe Hyundai as well..."

Might as well just go ahead and call it the Big Seven - Hyundai and its Kia subsidiary both posted record sales in July.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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