Ricky speaks! General Motors chief Rick Wagoner talks turnaround on FastLane Blog

General Motors chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner chose to fill us in on GM's turnaround progress via the company's FastLane Blog, a soapbox usually reserved for one Bob Lutz.

GM's chief reiterated some of the statements he made earlier in the week to the business media, spinning away a second quarter loss of $3.2 billion by focusing on the company's success in cutting the ranks of hourly workers, promising June numbers in terms of retail sales and market share, and building up an enviable product pipeline including the nation's "most affordable hybrid SUV" in the Saturn Vue Green Line, the sold-out Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, and the scene-stealing Chevrolet HHR.

While the ship might not have done a complete 180 yet, it's well on its way, Wagoner says.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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