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    Video: Pirelli testing low-profile tires for 18-inch Formula One wheels

    Detractors look at a modern Formula One car and wonder what relevance they could possibly have to the cars we drive. And they may have a point. Just look at the tires, for crying out loud: with sidewalls as tall as the wheels on which they're mounted, they look like they belong more on a cartoon ...

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    Video: Camaro Z/28 is so grippy GM had to find way to keep tires from slipping on wheels

    The 2014 Camaro Z/28 had a problem spinning its tires. Not doing traditional burnouts, mind, the rubber was actually rotating on the wheels. Well it did, until Chevrolet engineers noticed the vibration that it caused and fixed the flaw. Chevy observed the issue while it was running laps of the ...

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    Official: Pirelli's famous calendar turns 50, celebrates by releasing one from 28 years ago [w/videos]

    In the words of Pirelli, "The Calendar is the icon of Pirelli's communication." "The Cal," as it's also referred, first came out in 1964 and featured artistic portraits of women, often wearing very little or no clothing. Over the years, the risque images have struck a chord in people around the ...

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    Motorsports: Pirelli signs on to supply F1 tires through 2018

    Formula One is never without its controversies, and one of the major issues this year revolved around tires. Earlier in the season, Pirelli's rubber was prone to failure, but the Italian tire supplier worked with the individual teams to design new compounds and issue guidelines on how best to use ...

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    Motorsports: Race Recap: British Grand Prix is one part close racing, four parts blowout

    The British Formula One Grand Prix wasn't things that go "bump" in the night, it was things that go "Pop!" on the track. Pirelli came into the sport with a mandate to spice things up, but now – unintentionally – the spice could be overpowering the flavor of the food. The general tire ...

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    Video: Watch this F1 driver put down a hot lap in the wet around Spa Francorchamps... with one eye

    We've seen lots of camera angles from close to an Formula One driver's point of view, but we don't think we've ever seen the actual thing – a genuine driver's-eye view. Pirelli F1-tire test driver Lucas di Grassi has changed that, placing a camera on his helmet over one of his eyes while ...

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    Motorsports: Pirelli predicts Schumacher to win this weekend's European Grand Prix

    That Michael Schumacher has been less than successful in his return from retirement is no great secret. The seven-time world champion – empirically demonstrable as the best driver in the history of motorsport – has yet to score a single podium finish in the past three seasons since ...

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    Official: Ferrari 458 joining the grid in FIA GT1 World Championship

    Competition versions of the Ferrari 458 have already been prepared for the Ferrari Challenge, Grand Am, and the GT3 and GT2 classes at Le Mans and its various associated series around the world. Now you can add one more to the roster: the FIA GT1 World Championship. Ferrari had previously left ...

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    Report: Petrov lines up as Pirelli test driver... but what will he drive?

    When the music stops, there are always a few Formula One drivers left without seats. That's not because the field is getting smaller, it's because there are always more drivers looking for rides than there are rides to go around. And that's certainly the case this season. With only one race seat ...

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    Pirelli teams up with Scott Campbell for tire tattoo art [w/video]

    Pirelli teamed up with tattoo artist Scott Campbell for a special project at the tire manufacturer's newest flagship store in Milan, Italy. Campbell turned his skill with a needle and ink to tire sculpting. Using a gouge, the artist inscribed images of an eye, a heart and a skull into the tread ...

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    Milan welcomes the Pirelli corso Venezia

    We're used to hearing the word "Pirelli" outside the world of tires, but those mentions usually refer to 12 pages of nubile beauties wearing nail polish and a little bit of pasta. The Italian tire company plans to blow all that up with the opening of its Pirelli corso Venezia lifestyle boutique ...

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    Report: Ken Blocked: Rally driver too big for F1 car

    Ken Block was prepared to suit up for some seat time in Pirelli's Toyota TF109 Formula One test car. Problem is, the car wasn't prepared to suit Block. The man is too large for the seat, which typically holds diminutive F1 pilots. No, he's not too fat, Block is just too tall to fit inside the ...

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    Video: Pirelli takes us on a virtual lap around Valencia

    Power Is Nothing Without Control. That was Pirelli's long-serving slogan, most famously accompanying that now iconic poster of Carl Lewis in high heels. And of course, they're right. Just ask any racing driver, and they'll tell you how important tires are to winning a race. These days, Pirelli ...

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    Official: Ken Block set for F1 test at Monza

    Even with a skill set as specific as vehicular control, there are polar opposites. At one end you have F1 drivers, who position what essentially amount to fighter jets on wheels with pin-point precision. At the other end sits the likes of Ken Block, the Gymkhana master who has wowed us all ...

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    Geneva 2011: Pirelli shows off 2011 F1 tire with trio of racers

    Pirelli 2011 Formula 1 Tire Display - Click above for high-res image gallery
    To the uninitiated, the choice of tires in motor racing can look about as insignificant as what refreshments they're serving in the grandstands. But those in the know are all too aware of the enormous effect the right ...

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    Pirelli aims to protect your health, tires

    Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Ads – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are plenty of guilty pleasures when it comes to cars and motorcycles, but chief among them has to be the burnout. Sure, you might as well be lighting $100 bills on fire, and yes, you're not exactly doing the ...

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    2011 Pirelli calendar presented by Karl Lagerfeld

    2011 Pirelli Calendar by Karl Lagerfeld – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Pirelli Calendar is an annually produced gift, intended for friends and VIPs who associate with the top-tier tire manufacturer. It's also become a fashion icon, with 12 months of high-art photography that ...

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    Pirelli puts the brakes on time with new PZero Disk_O wristwatch

    Ever wish you could stop time? Well we've got news for you, pal – you can't. But you can, however, put the brakes on your timepiece. Pirelli may be best known for making tires, but overseas it's doing everything from sneakers to watches. Their latest wrist clock is called the PZero Disk_O, ...

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    Pirelli reportedly withdraws from World Rally Championship

    Pirelli may be used to sticking to its territory, but the latest development has the Italian rubber company voluntarily ceding ground to its rivals. After having secured the exclusive contract to provide tires to Formula One, Pirelli has announced that it's withdrawing from the World Rally ...

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    Pirelli reportedly wooing Kimi Raikkonen to test new F1 tires

    Kimi Raikkonen hasn't been connected to an Italian manufacturer in Formula One since leaving Ferrari at the end of last season, but that could change if the latest reports are accurate. Pirelli was recently confirmed as the official tire supplier for F1 starting next season. As such, it'll need ...


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