Pirelli signs on to supply F1 tires through 2018

Formula One is never without its controversies, and one of the major issues this year revolved around tires. Earlier in the season, Pirelli's rubber was prone to failure, but the Italian tire supplier worked with the individual teams to design new compounds and issue guidelines on how best to use them to avoid trouble.

The measures seem to have done the trick, because the tires have held their own in the latter part of the season, and after negotiating individual agreements with each other the teams, the FIA has renewed Pirelli's contract to continue supplying the series with tires moving forward.

Although the FIA hasn't revealed how long Pirelli's new contract is good for, F1 business site reports that it will carry Pirelli through until 2018. It's anyone's guess as to what might happen after that, but if Pirelli continues to improve its compounds and keeps the relevant parties happy, it could carry on for some time.

Goodyear continuously supplied tires to certain teams from 1959 through 1998, but that was when F1 allowed numerous rubber companies – including Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Dunlop and others – to supply the shoes on which Formula One ran.

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