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Low-effort driving and functional features ease the guilt of taking pleasure in a minivan.

We cross the Pacific to measure this Pacifica-fighter.

'It's not my reputation, it's theirs.'

McLaren, the second most successful team in Formula One history in terms of race wins, has yet to score a point in four rounds of this year's championship and is last in the standings.

Smarter than the average bear, smart enough to get in - but not smart enough to get out.

The coupe and sedan both start at the same MSRP.

Summer tires are an additional $200.

So, how does that compare with its most obvious rivals?

A consultation from an auto industry insider's point of view.

Now your mildly spicy Civic Sport can be a true hot hatch.

The good news is car sales are up, especially in Asia.

Even with gas at or near $2 a gallon, there are many reasons to own a small, economical car.

We examine the pricing and options of the Chevy Malibu and Honda Accord.

1 / 161
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