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Sure, you could go out and buy a brand-new car. Or, you could save yourself from the initial depreciation hit by choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle.

"... When you are in your car and close the visor, you would like to have one mile per hour more. It's never enough."

What does Toyota know that Nissan doesn't?

Save a nickel now or spend a dollar later.

Low-effort driving and functional features ease the guilt of taking pleasure in a minivan.

We cross the Pacific to measure this Pacifica-fighter.

'It's not my reputation, it's theirs.'

McLaren, the second most successful team in Formula One history in terms of race wins, has yet to score a point in four rounds of this year's championship and is last in the standings.

Smarter than the average bear, smart enough to get in - but not smart enough to get out.

The coupe and sedan both start at the same MSRP.

Summer tires are an additional $200.

So, how does that compare with its most obvious rivals?

A consultation from an auto industry insider's point of view.

Now your mildly spicy Civic Sport can be a true hot hatch.

The good news is car sales are up, especially in Asia.

Even with gas at or near $2 a gallon, there are many reasons to own a small, economical car.

1 / 161
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