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A lousy value proposition, especially compared with its own twin.

Competition from other makers and Honda itself make it moot.

You mow? No, Miimo. It comes in two guises and has three cutting modes.

Finding Miimo? Check your back yard.

Class action involves thousands of Toyota owners.

Honda is being sued too.

Passengers say he used siren, flashing lights.

He's being charged with impersonating a police officer.

Take a closer look. This everyday hatch is fast, frugal, and fun.

You could wait for the new Si, but this one is already faster than Si Civics of the past.

First aircraft developed by an automaker since WWII.

Honda hopes to burnish its brand image as its car sales slip.

This E.Rex is toothless, but may intimidate through other means.

And reveals a battery-powered dirt bike that presages a path forward with Honda.

James Riswick joins us to discuss the many new cars he's driven, we rant about a VW ad, and then it's time to spend your money.

This new teaser video shows what the Type R is about.

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