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The capsule will be revealed in France in early 2018.

Design could improve rotary's weaknesses of fuel economy, emissions.

We previously saw similar tech in a Mazda2 rotary hybrid.

Last week, humans took over once every 0.8 miles on average.

There are a number of causes, and the reality isn't a simple as the numbers make it seem.

The autoparts maker is sticking with its own solution days after Intel buys MobilEye.

The system will make attending Cars and Coffee just a bit safer.

The new radar and camera setup automatically differentiates between trees and people.

Design is safer, holds more energy, is extracted from seawater.

Is this the solution for charging electric vehicle batteries quickly and safely?

Car spotted in video is likely not a beta test vehicle.

Is this a year-old prototype or a pre-production car?

MobilEye is one of the largest players in autonomous driving.

They are working on autonomous technology any automaker could use off the shelf.

California is updating its regulations on vehicle testing.

Fully autonomous rides, for free.

No one wants to share a lane with a driverless car in case the robot revolution breaks out.

The feature will be standard on cars in the US and Canada.

500-meter section of tube has been built outside Las Vegas.

The "DevLoop" test track is big enough for passengers.

Me and the babies make 3 in the year 2030.

Three seats, all electric.

Let's do some basic math on cars, and let's admit it: We love to drive.

It's just horse sense: We'll still enjoy driving. In fact, ask any horse.

The upcoming XC60 will add crash-avoidance steering features.

Volvo, take the wheel!

Using the Internet of Things of course.

It features two normal driving modes and two autonomous driving modes.

It's not that hard to believe future connected cars will be creepy about what data they track.

You drive. It watches.

The tech, still in its infancy, shows promise for last-mile delivery.

Drones could make UPS more efficient, once they're ready.

But there's still money to be made by tech companies in the automotive world.

Tech companies are getting realistic about the automotive segment.

And eventually improve autonomous vehicles.

All the data collected will be anonymized.

A cast-aluminum backbone offers lots of intriguing possibilities.

There are some very interesting features here we hope translate to a production car.

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