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IBM's Bret Greenstein explains how automobiles will find their voice.

Navigating the tricky road of AI for automotive consumers.

Comes as Uber faces claims of stolen documents.

This in spite of weak public interest, wavering government policy.

Companies acting now to prepare for the inevitable need.

Apple seems to be interested in autonomous tech, not building their own car.

The company will be using the 2015 Lexus RX540h as a test car.

Luminar is bringing a higher quality LiDAR to autonomous cars.

It can see a black panel 200 meters away.

Builds on $1B Cruise Automation acquisition, current Chevy Bolt tests.

GM will double the size of its R&D facility in the Bay Area.

Automatic braking and lane-keeping assist are not welcome on the track.

The Genesee Valley Chapter of BMW Car Club of America regards driver assist systems as too unpredictable.

Yes, Mobvoi is the smartwatch maker.

Drive hands-free on the highway.

An attention detection system makes sure the driver is supervising.

The kicker: They only have three years to do it.

The cars must be able to navigate an SAE-designated urban driving course.

Need a new rear wing flap? No problem.

It allows quick modifications and weight savings.

Industry newcomer Voyage is growing out of Udacity's self-driving car program.

Test rides with real passengers could start within the next few months.

The reasons are unclear, as is the future of a Dyson EV.

It's not necessarily bad news, though.

Accused of trying to recruit Waymo employees to startup bought by Uber.

Alliance marks end of Daimler's attempt to go it alone.

Their goal: fully autonomous "robo-taxis."

Deep pockets, experience, alliances matter.

Navigant Research looked at 18 companies working on self-driving technology.

Nine contestants compete over 2-mile course.

The winning time to go 2 miles: 3 minutes, 37.9 seconds.

Don't expect me to 'stay my hand,' judge warns.

At issue: 14,000 allegedly stolen documents.

80 mph Autosteer requires camera calibration to work.

He sees a need for computer-human hybrids.

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