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    Toyota Tundra production begins

    Last Friday the first two Tundra pickups rolled off the line at Toyota's new production facility in San Antonio, Texas. The facility, called Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, took three years to build and cost $1.28 billion. At full capacity it can pump out 200,000 Tundras a year, a rate at which ...

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    GM Makes Fresh 2007 Astra

    GM announced today that its Opel Astra will receive a design refresh and updated power plant options. The new 2007 Astra will debut at the Bologna Motor Show (December 7-16, 2006), and will be available at dealerships starting in February. Engine choices will vary from either a 1.3-liter diesel ...

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    Low-cost dual-clutch tranny, on the way

    Dual-clutch transmissions are viewed as an improvement over current automatic and auto-manual transmission technologies. Here in the US, we tend to look at the use of the technology by VW as a performance enhancement, primarily. It is a marriage of the directness of a manual transmission with the ...

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    Heico hops up the new 2007 Volvo XC90

    Ah, the trials of being a tuner, especially one that creates its own line of body enhancements. When Volvo gave the XC90 a face-lift for 2007, Heico Sportiv had to respond to the updated Swedish SUV with a new kit in which to wrap it. The biggest improvement is the use of a material called PU-RIM ...

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    Nissan vows not to make its own Kei cars

    We can hear Carlos now, "We don't need no stinking kei cars!" According to Japan Today, Ghosn et all don't see a need to build or design their own kei cars. Instead of going through the hassle of building their own tiny car for the markets that consume them, Nissan will still prefer to sell another ...

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    More Porsche Panamera Spy Shots

    With a release date set all the way for 2009, you will be certain to see hundreds of spy shots of the upcoming Porsche Panamera. At least this mule is painted in a different color than the last one. The four-door coupe, with the name that makes us hunger for sandwiches, will be flogged and tweaked ...

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    Watch the Caterham CSR260 take the top spot on Stig's track

    It is the supreme testament to the capabilities of the Caterham CSR260 that it captured the track record on Top Gear's test track. The unsuspecting CSR260 lapped TG's test track faster than a Koenigsegg CCX, a Pagani Zonda F, a Maserati MC12, or even an Enzo. If this isn't an advertisement for the ...

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    Toyota Tundra named Most Significant Vehicle of 2007 by Edmunds

    Every year, the Edmunds staff creates a list of Most Wanted vehicles. Typically, at the top of the list sits what the staff proclaims as "Most Significant Vehicle of the Year." For 2007, this honor is bestowed upon the 2007 Toyota Tundra. Now, look past the whole list, which can be found after the ...

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    Caterham Seven receives Ford power on 50th birthday

    With the bitter end of production of the MG/Rover K-series engine, there was a gaping vacancy left under the hood of the run-of-the-mill Caterham Seven in the UK. Starting in 2007, it's getting a new engine for its 50th birthday. The new powerplant will be Ford's Sigma engine, displacing 1.6-liter ...

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    DCX showing 4.2-liter Cummins diesel in concept Jeep at SEMA

    The wait may finally be over. At SEMA next week, Jeep will be showing a concept Wrangler Unlimited dubbed 50 JK. The Mopar Skunkwerks team beefed up this hardtop four-door Wrangler concept with a four-inch lift, 35-inch tires, and Dana 44 axles. The real beef comes from a new Cummings 4.2-liter ...

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    Spy Shots: VW Passat R36

    When VW teamed up the HPA Motorsports last year to create the Passat R GT concept, the automaker from Wolfsburg caused us to stand up and pay attention. What is this, a Passat from VW with street cred? No way! Now we see VW testing this Passat R36 variant at the Nürburgring, and it's hard not ...

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    L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge entrants

    More pics of entrants after the jump The major auto shows always have a lot of eye candy for the enthusiast, but few things spark the imagination like extreme and impractical concept cars. The concepts at Tokyo always seem like they jumped right out of an anime. In Europe, the designers tend to ...

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    Cramped quarters at Toyota dealerships for Scion

    The runaway success of Scion is generally considered to be a boon for Toyota. The flip side of this success is how Toyota dealers will handle both brands doing extremely well. According to an article in Automotive News, many dealers are suffering more growing pains than the Seavers because of the ...

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    Airbags and ABS under fire

    A study by Purdue University states that safety systems like ABS and airbags make drivers less vigilant. Fred Mannering, the professor of civil engineering at the university who led the study, brought his team to the water of five years of motor vehicle crashes in Washington State. The students ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: The Bat Car

    What happens when you take a perfectly good first-generation Miata and start grafting other car parts as disparate as the headlights from a Toyota Celica and a the rear clip of a1959 Cadillac? Well, you get this, the appropriately dubbed Bat Car. This one-of-a-kind includes fins from a 1959 ...

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    Last chance to see Audi R8 in U.S. for a while

    Earlier this month, the R8 made its debut on U.S. soil and was put on display at the new Audi Forum on Park Avenue in Manhattan. This Monday, Audi will be removing the R8 from display, and we may not get another chance to see the R8 in the real until the car's Los Angeles Auto Show debut. Do not ...

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    Spy Shots: Dodge Sprinter
    1159996740 has posted some great spy shots of the revised Dodge Sprinter. The Mercedes-built van has been a quiet success for DaimlerChrysler in the U.S., and DCX may be looking to expand its place in the market. The passenger version shown in these photos may indicate a new focus for the Sprinter ...

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    New details on the Audi A5

    Popular Mechanics acquired an inside perspective on the upcoming Audi A5 coupe and convertible that we've heard talk of for some time. At an informal dinner in the heart of French-Canada, or more exactly Montreal, Popular Mechanics operatives questioned Audi of America's Executive Vice President, ...

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    Spy Shots: HUMMER H3 SUT

    You can always count on Bob Lutz to provide a wealth of future product tidbits at his press conferences. Spy shots posted on LLN confirm Bob's comments about new Hummer models. This H3 captured is both longer than a standard H3 and is camouflaged in the rear. A close inspection reveals the tent ...

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    A closer look at the Ford F-450 bed extender

    Bed extenders are nothing new. From the Nissan Frontier crew cab to Ford's own Explorer Sport Trac and the previous generation SuperCrew F-150, the movable metal cage that is the typical bed extender has been the solution to add a few inches of utility to short-bed pick-up trucks. It's too bad ...

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