Last chance to see Audi R8 in U.S. for a while

Earlier this month, the R8 made its debut on U.S. soil and was put on display at the new Audi Forum on Park Avenue in Manhattan. This Monday, Audi will be removing the R8 from display, and we may not get another chance to see the R8 in the real until the car's Los Angeles Auto Show debut. Do not lose hope yet, Audi fans, because Fourtitude has been given the opportunity to influence Audi and bring the R8 back for another event before it's shipped out of sight. After the R8 is used for corporate events this week, Audi has tasked the Audi-obsessed website with coming up with at least fifty guests who will commit to attending a special encore event on Saturday, October 28th from 3-5 PM EST.
It's amazing that Audi is providing this opportunity to Fourtitude readers (and the general public), and you can find out more about how to RSVP at the Read link. Those who can't make the October 28th engagement will have to wait until the L.A. Auto Show in December to see the R8 in person.

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