Watch the Caterham CSR260 take the top spot on Stig's track

It is the supreme testament to the capabilities of the Caterham CSR260 that it captured the track record on Top Gear's test track. The unsuspecting CSR260 lapped TG's test track faster than a Koenigsegg CCX, a Pagani Zonda F, a Maserati MC12, or even an Enzo. If this isn't an advertisement for the less-is-more philosophy of Colin Chapman, we don't know what is. The real cool bit is you can watch the fast Caterham do its business in real time at Dunlop's by clicking the Read link. Check it out, it's the best 1 minute 17.4 seconds you'll spend today.

[Source: Dunlop via Pistonheads]

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