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New details on the next generation BMW 7-Series

Car Magazine has posted a few close-up spy shots of the next 7-Series and also provides more details on what to expect in Munich's new flagship with some interesting tidbits that appear sourced from right inside BMW. For BMW fans, the new 7-Series is also the start of a new set of chassis designations, with the short-wheelbase version known as the F01 and the stretched version internally referred to as F02. The outgoing model's Bangle-era styling will be shelved for the cleaner, more elegant styling that's been previewed in recent spy shots.
The new model will also be available as a gas-electric hybrid version, no-doubt to compete with the Lexus LS600h. The gasoline engines that we'll see in the U.S. will be designed with direct fuel injection and be tuned for performance, as opposed to the European versions that will be tweaked for fuel economy. The 7's new modular chassis will also provide parts for the next 5- and 6-series cars, and potentially that baby Rolls-Royce we've been promised. With both Mercedes-Benz and Lexus launching new flagship sedans packed to their sunroofs with techno-wizardry, we also expect BMW will be aiming to trump its competitors while still providing legendary driving pleasure for the driver.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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