Nissan vows not to make its own Kei cars

We can hear Carlos now, "We don't need no stinking kei cars!" According to Japan Today, Ghosn et all don't see a need to build or design their own kei cars. Instead of going through the hassle of building their own tiny car for the markets that consume them, Nissan will still prefer to sell another OEM's product as their own. Nissan currently sells two kei cars designed by Suzuki and Mitsubishi, the Moco and Otti respectively.

Obviously, kei cars, or keijid?sha, are popular in Japan. Mitsubishi and Suzuki already produce very respectable kei car designs, why would Nissan even bother when it can focus its design and manufacturing energies on what the rest of the world scrambles for, like compacts? We've never known Ghosn for doing something that wasn't absolutely necessary.

[Source: Japan Today via Winding Road]

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