Toyota Tundra named Most Significant Vehicle of 2007 by Edmunds

Every year, the Edmunds staff creates a list of Most Wanted vehicles. Typically, at the top of the list sits what the staff proclaims as "Most Significant Vehicle of the Year." For 2007, this honor is bestowed upon the 2007 Toyota Tundra. Now, look past the whole list, which can be found after the jump, and check out the site's analysis of Toyota's full-size truck evolution. There is no question that the Tundra is aimed squarely at the Big Three's domination of the full size market, especially in comparison to the current Tundra, and dare we even bring up the long dead T100.

It's hard to argue with Edmunds' conclusion, the new Tundra might turn out to be the most significant vehicle of 2007. Not that it's anything special in and of itself, but because everyone will be watching how the market reacts to it. For the first time, an 'outsider' is bringing a full-line full-size truck, complete with three cab options, 3 bed options, and 3 engines (Sorry Nissan, the Titan didn't come to play). Detroit will be watching, Wall Street will be watching, the media will be watching, as will consumers themselves. Could Toyota unseat one of the major players in this segment, like it did to Ford and the Taurus? Time will only tell.

Maybe Edmunds is right on this one, but we must take umbrage with the Infiniti G35 Coupe being the most wanted Coupe Under $40,000. They need to raise that price point to $45,000 and throw out the Infiniti for the BMW 335i Coupe, but we digress.

[Source: Edmunds]

Edmunds Editors' Most Wanted Vehicles for 2007

Most Significant Vehicle of the Year: Toyota Tundra

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