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The high-performance Aussie sedan's order books close at the end of February.

Those of you who like the idea of a world-class sports sedan for less than $50,000 should know that time is running out to order a new Chevy SS.


Or, choose a fully electric Ioniq for $30,035.

Not only is it more fuel efficient than the Toyota Prius, it's also around $2,000 cheaper.


If you've always wanted your picture with a Stormtrooper, today is your lucky day.

There's nothing more perfectly Swedish than a Volvo wagon. And the new V90 is the prettiest version ever to come from Volvo. Here's how we'd configure one.


Through the magic of technology, Hyundai brought troops from a US Military Base in Zagan, Poland, right into Houston to watch the Super Bowl with their families.


It's Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid, and The Stig, together again.

Still no official date, but it's apparently "coming soon" to both the BBC and BBC America.

Meanwhile, Lyft downloads surged on Apple's App Store.

More than 200,000 users deleted their Uber accounts during the #DeleteUber movement. Rival app service Lyft surged into the top 10 on Apple's App Store.


This particular pregnancy-pic Porsche has quite the patina.


Expect to see the new 'ute in full production form at the Geneva Motor Show.

It could get a controversial name to go along with is mostly conventional shape.


"I want new plants to be built here for cars sold here!", Trump said in a tweet ahead of the meeting.


It's a promising idea, but you might want to wait for the kinks to get ironed out.


Spoiler alert: this future stuff is hard.

Three-dimensional gauge clusters are pretty cool. Eye-tracking tech that doesn't work isn't so cool.


Please, Aston Martin. Don't even think about changing your logo.


Behind the wheel of the new 530i and 540i.

Does all that technology spoil the driving experience for enthusiasts? Let's find out.

Chevy adds Batman to its latest Real People, Not Actors ad. The focus group's reaction to the Lego Batmobile isn't what the caped crusader had in mind.

Honda's Riding Assist Motorcycle uses robotics technology for self-leveling capabilities, meaning the bike can balance itself without gyroscopes.


Because not everybody cares about the lateral acceleration figures of their midsize crossover.


Let the debate begin.

Are connected motorcycle technologies a boon for safety or nothing more than a distraction?

We searched the sales charts of every automaker in America to see which cars and trucks aren't pulling their weight.

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