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Watch along at 11:45 PM Eastern.

Project Loveday winners will be announced, as well.

But an overeager new owner happened.

Shrinking the lineup appears to be the plan for growth.

The Pacifica Hybrid is a compelling minivan, which feels less weird to say the more we we drive it.

It's a lightning-fast fuel-guzzler.

You won't get far on a single tank.

The G80 Sport is Genesis' best attempt at making emotional connection to buyers.

The i5 – or, rather, iNext – isn't dead.

Hands-off, eyes-off driving comes to BMW in 2021.

Police and consumer SUVs are affected by the issue.

More than 2,700 complaints have been logged.

This is the first part of the price VW will pay in its diesel emissions settlement.

Porsche is already working on a Formula E car.

New meets old in this potent off-roader.

For work and play.

This is the third set of Fords found with marijuana in the past three months.

Accord in crash was among 300,000 unrepaired cars considered particularly dangerous.

This follows this week's news of an Australian man whose death is also blamed on Takata.

Ben Van Beurden thinks more people should be driving electric cars.

The CFO drives a BMW i3.

Challenging authority from seats that host the rear ends of royalty.

This is the car that defines luxury automobiles.

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