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Pasco Police posted this dashcam footage to Facebook. The video shows Officer Raul Cavazos assisting a driver at a temporary four-way-stop. What happens just seconds after Officer Cavazos leaves the frame can only be described as a close call.

Bosch and Gogoro partner to bring app based scooter-sharing service to Paris. This summer there will be 600 zero-emissions Smartscooters from Gogoro for rental in central Paris.

The Kenguru is a vehicle that is purpose built from the ground up for people in wheelchairs. Originally developed in Hungary, the Kenguru is now hand built in Texas.

Even machines enjoy wrecking digital havoc.

It's Grand Theft Auto, so be warned for strong violence, senseless murder, and police who overreact every time a pedestrian gets run over.

The sea, the sand, the strange sounds from under the engine ...

"No puppy was harmed in this video – all smiles and tail wags here."

The Kiwano K01 is a one wheel handheld electric scooter with wireless control and a "follow me" feature. It is water resistant, has a 20 mile range, and is constructed with carbon fiber and zinc alloy. Orders to ship in July of 2017.

On this episode of The List, Patrick and Jessi learn the entire vehicle design process from start to finish and try their hand at designing their very own car at the Art Center College of Design.

Volvo Trucks and Swedish waste management company Renova have partnered to test autonomous garbage truck. Their aim is for safer, more efficient refuse handling and a better working environment for drivers.

We recently stumbled across a series of old video interviews we did with celebrities about their first car. This one is with Kim Kardashian, from 2009. Guess what her first car was. (Hint: It was not a Corolla or Kia.) And guess what she did with it. Enjoy.

The Israel Government and ElectRoad are testing the use of wireless charging roads for electric vehicles. This is the same principle as wireless smartphone charging.

Full-Suspension Folding Frame Electric Bicycle. Designed for on or off-road. Top speed of 20 MPH.

Why are our riskiest cars in the hands of our most-at-risk drivers, Australia's and New Zealand's safety organization wants to know.

The Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X is a beast of a concept. Designed for self-sustaining backcountry exploring it's built upon a PRO-4X crew cab and is powered by a Cummins 5.0L Turbo Diesel.

Some dramatic video footage from NBCLA today shows a car teetering from a connector overpass between the 91 Freeway and I-15 in Corona, Calif., in Riverside County. The report was scant on details, but it appears that whoever was in that car got out safely, perhaps with the assistance of first responders. There must be something in the air on the West Coast. (There is: It's cars.) In Seattle over the weekend, an SUV was in the same precarious position on Interstate 5 at Mercer Street downtown,

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