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Being a 'monkey' in a sidecar race might just be the craziest thing Buck has done yet on Translogic.


A simple car wash turned ugly for a Louisiana man when he was jumped by carjackers while washing his car.


Don't expect much more than that.

Your moment of mindless automotive entertainment for the morning.


Here's how hybrids have changed WEC racing.

Watch how Tesla Autopilot helped this guy in a crash. India's EV consortium program gets delayed by Ford leaving. Drivers talk about how hybrids have changed WEC racing.


It went viral by accident, if you believe the guy behind the camera.


One woman was seriously injured and another was killed when they exited their vehicle in a Chinese drive-through animal park and were attacked by a tiger.


The Ripchair 3.0 is the most accessible ultimate off-road wheelchair ever

Is this the most extreme wheelchair ever built?


Keep your dashboard and other plastic surfaces from getting damaged over time.

Much of your car's interior is comprised of plastic trim that can become dirty and brittle. Here's how to properly clean it.


British brand creates special models with department store Selfridges.

Hopefully these 19 special-edition cars will be the first of many more.


Long nights equal longer range.

Like so many racecars, you won't be able to buy this one.


imagine what a human being from a world where humans evolved to survive car crashes.

Meet Graham. Graham is clearly not like other people. In fact, he's as artificial as they come.


Knightscope has two autonomous patrol bots, the K3 and the K5.

This autonomous security robot may be patrolling a mall near you.


Things escalate quickly in this Colorado run-in.


The Grand Tour crew are up to their usual tricks.


C'mon you're sick of Pokemon. This has the GTI.


Tesla to supply Morgan Stanley skyscraper with 1 MWh of energy storage.

Tesla expedites minor service with new "fast lanes." AMS will install Tesla energy storage at One Maritime Plaza. Toyota supports WWF sustainability programs.

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