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Pursuit of stolen motorcycle turns into a brawl.

"I just saw that he needed help," said one of the Good Samaritans. "And I decided to help."

Audi's OLED turn signal concept was revealed in 2013. The concept aimed to create real time information to those driving behind. Possibly introducing a different type of traffic safety.

This new teaser video shows what the Type R is about.

FenSens makes parking safe and simple with a smart license frame & automated hands-free mobile app experience. This aftermarket device adds parking sensors to any vehicle. This product is patent pending, expected May of 2017.

A $32 million penthouse has room for 11 cars.

The condo building's three elevators can lift cars at a brisk 800 feet per minute.

They were doing 30 mph or more.

A rare and beautiful sight.

Speed Sisters is a documentary about the first ever all-female racing team in the Middle East. Filmmaker Amber Fares follows five female racers in Palestine. Film focuses on the challenges facing these women and modern life in the Middle East.

It rises 9 feet into the air.

And no, you can't buy one, but we know you want to.

It's an animal, and it wants to get out.

This is how Bugatti engineers its cars to withstand intense driving.

Hum Rider is a marketing stunt by the creative minds at Thinkmodo. The stunt was to promote Verizon's Hum platform. Hum turns your older cars into a connected vehicle.

She used the glow of her insulin pump to find the trunk's inner handle.

Now the gunman's at large and she may have to leave town.

The Reel Quik Hitch gets the job done quicker and safer by reaching to the trailer.

An Iron Chef already has selected the menu.

A rolling, engaging dining experience.

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