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Silicon Valley’s Kitty Hawk Corp. shows off its flying “car.” Backed by Google founder Larry Page, Kitty Hawk will go on sale by the end of 2017. This recreational vehicle was designed to fly over freshwater and Kitty Hawk Corp. says no registration or pilot's license will be required.

The Autonomous Lawn Mower by Honda helps cut the hard work out of lawn maintenance. It works in all weather conditions and is waterproof. Adjustable settings via smartphone app. The Miimo.

Freak accident caught on video from several angles.

As a showcase for future technology, Project Portal looks promising.

The Civil Defense team was called in.

A stray cat on the loose in Abu Dhabi? Someone check on Nermal.

The Jetfoiler serves as a training tool for the endeavoring kiteboarder, while opening doors for a new population of riders at the same time. With its use of efoils to power the board and optional cruise control. This board pushes the limits of watersports like never before.

Lilium has successfully tested its all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet for the first time. Take off is operated by a computer. Expected to launch to the public by 2025 this could be a future option on how we choose to get around.

The horrifying experience was caught on video.

What a drag, man.

Autonomous mobile robots from Chinese technology company Hikvision. These robots are ultra-efficient at tasks like sorting packages, moving pallets, and parking cars. The video from Hikvision shows the impressive bots in action.

20,000 pounds of cheese, all gone forever.

It was as if millions of cows mooed and were suddenly silenced.

"It is an event for only those with true grit."

On this episode of The List, Jessi races the Mint 400 while Patrick does his best Raoul Duke impression on the sidelines.

Worlds first wrist Controlled smart toy car. Ultigesture wristband uses pre-defined gestures to control the car. Find out more on Ultigesture's kickstarter page.

After 4 years underground, the Seattle tunnel completes its 1.7 mile journey. this tunnel will serve as a replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Project to be completed in early 2019.

This Ferris Beuller remake is looking weird.

High speed in the hands of Hennessey.

Testing is to see how Hennessey can upgrade from stock.

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