Golf tees up new sales for VW

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If you consider the Passat and the CC two different lines, Volkswagen USA lists nine different models on its website, and they have sold a total of 238,074 units in the US this year through the end of August. The Golf, which was voted North American car of the year in 2015, and its variants account for 44,416 sales, an increase of nearly 150 percent compared to the same period last year. That's also the most Golfs ever sold in that time in the US, and almost 19 percent of this year's entire brand sales. This is compared to a compact car segment that has gained just 1.1 percent compared to 2014.

A number of factors are responsible, according to a report in Automotive News: the MQB platform allows different powertrains to roll down the same assembly line; VW USA product planners can now configure vehicles to suit our market and they work with a selection of dealers to refine the retail offering; and the Golf maintains its proper European driving experience.

The expanse of the Golf range has meant not only increased profits and new buyers, but more breadth in the buying demographic - expanding outward from the standard Golf to five different extremes, from the e-Golf to the Golf R. Room will be made for a new kind of consumer next year when the current Sportwagen model goes all-wheel drive with an Alltrack designation. Unsurprisingly, VW USA says, "Golf is a role model for the US for us. We want to learn from our success and implement those lessons in our future model planning." After decades of uneven effort, perhaps that formula plus a long-awaited range of crossovers can finally deliver on the promise of the US market.

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