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As part of its product and marketing development process, Hyundai has reached out to owners and enthusiasts to create a network of consumers with which to discuss everything from future models and technologies to advertising tactics, polls, and so on.

Autoblog has learned of a communiqué issued to members late last week where Dean Macko, Hyundai's Manager of Brand Strategy, appealed to focus group members to help come up with a name for a new "Advanced Technological System" – a telematics package likened repeatedly to General Motors' OnStar and Ford's Microsoft Sync.

According to Macko, the system Hyundai is pursuing focuses on "four buckets of service": Safety and Security (including theft immobilization and automatic emergency service notification in the event of a crash), Infotainment (wireless connectivity features for telephone, music, etc.), Navigation (like OnStar's turn-by-turn direction service), and Vehicle Diagnostics, a tool for both owners and dealers that could help track the need for maintenance and potentially even notify one's dealer to order parts for a forthcoming repair.

Macko admits Hyundai has come up with a number of possible names on its own, including In Touch, Ring, Fuse and Emerge, but the company is reaching out to its network for suggestions. Calling them "naming experts," Macko indicates that this focus group has already helped come up with titles for future paint colors.

To be clear, in Macko's video message, he only says that Hyundai is "thinking about" introducing such a system – he does not commit to a product, timetable, or price. However, given the tone of his message and the nature of the group that Macko is appealing to, we have to believe that this new technology is just around the corner... perhaps tied to the launch of the Equus luxury sedan?

Hyundai apparently needs these naming suggestions by this Wednesday, November 4, and while most of you probably aren't part of Hyundai's focus group, we know that top company officials trawl these hallowed precincts on a daily basis. Thus, if you have a suggestion of your own, why not drop it in 'Comments' – who knows, they just might pick yours. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

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