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Ford is diving into the burgeoning social media world head first. Based on the success of its Fiesta Movement, the Blue Oval has decided to launch a new program called Fusion 41 – so named because of the Fusion Hybrid's 41 mile-per-gallon EPA estimate in the city and the fact that Ford is looking for 41 participants to take part in its new game.

A total of eight Fusion or Fusion Hybrid owners will be chosen from all applicants received based on their social media presence, and those drivers will each choose four friends or family members to join their team. Ford will then hand out assignments that must be completed with photo and video proof that is to be uploaded to the driver's Facebook profile. Ford is calling the program an "automotive relay race," whatever that means.

So, what's the incentive to participate? For starters, each team will be given a new Fusion for the challenge, and the winning team captain will have their own Fusion or Fusion Hybrid paid off by Ford. Not bad, eh? Plus, participating team members from the winning group will earn free gas for one full year. Want to know more? Click past the break for the press release and visit www.fusion41.com before November 6th to enter the contest.

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* Ford is seeking 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid owners to participate in Fusion 41, an automotive relay race designed to build awareness and excitement around the all-new Fusion; the Fusion owner of the winning team will have their vehicle paid off, and team members will win free gas for one year
* Interested applicants must be passionate about their Fusion and have a compelling desire and ability to spread the word about it on social media sites; to apply, visit www.fusion41.com
* Fusion 41 is an extension of the Ford Drive One campaign, which focuses on customers sharing all the cool and positive experiences they're having with their new vehicle

DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 21, 2009 – Ford Motor Company is conducting a nationwide search for passionate 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid owners to participate in Fusion 41, a consumer program designed to build awareness and excitement around the all-new 2010 Ford Fusion.

The Fusion 41 program – named for the unsurpassed 41 mpg fuel economy that makes Fusion America's most fuel-efficient midsize sedan, and the 41 participants – builds on the success of the Ford Drive One advertising campaign, which focuses on actual customers experiencing new Ford vehicles and sharing their stories with others. The Fusion 41 consumer story will come to life on the Internet, through social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

How Fusion 41 works
Eight 2010 Fusion owners from throughout the country will be selected to participate in the Fusion 41 program. They will be chosen based on their passion for Fusion and their ability to share compelling information about the vehicle on the Internet. Applicants must have a current Facebook profile with a minimum of 100 friends and an active photo collection.

Each of the eight Fusion owners will then choose four friends or family members to join their team, and each team will be given a 2010 Ford Fusion or Fusion Hybrid to drive in an automotive relay race. To complete the relay, each team member must fulfill an assigned task within 41 hours, tracking competitive variables such as miles driven, stops made or the number of passengers picked up.

The winning team will be chosen based on their ability to complete the activities and provide proof by uploading photos and videos to various social media sites, including Facebook.

The Fusion owner of the winning team will have their vehicle paid off, and team members will win free gas for one year.

"Fusion 41 is a fun way to engage customers and get them talking about the all-new 2010 Fusion," said Jeff Eggen, Ford Car Experiential Marketing manager. "There's no better way to spread the word about our new products than by putting them into the hands of prospective customers and enabling them to experience our vehicles firsthand."

2010 Fusion owners interested in competing in Fusion 41 may apply at www.fusion41.com between now and November 6.

Ford fuels social media
Research shows that social media sites are increasingly one of the best ways to reach out to consumers. Prior to the development of the Fusion 41 program, Ford expanded its presence on Facebook with a new application for its "Fusion + Hybrid" profile called "You Speak Green" that enables visitors to share their sustainable lifestyle suggestions. Since its launch in mid-July, more than 104,000 Facebook users have downloaded the application to their profile pages and 15,000 have posted tips.

Another example of Ford's groundbreaking social media outreach is its support of the Fiesta Movement campaign to promote the company's sporty, savvy new small car through social media agents. Agent postings have garnered significant numbers on social media sites, including more than 4.8 million YouTube views (www.fiestamovement.com), more than 600,000 Flickr views and more than 3.2 million Twitter impressions.

Fusion sales momentum
With its unsurpassed quality, best-in-class fuel economy, class-exclusive technologies and significant residual value improvement, the 2010 Ford Fusion is delivering the key attributes that midsize sedan buyers want. Even at a time when industry-wide sales of midsize cars are down 26 percent, sales of the new Fusion continue to grow. Through September, Fusion sales are up 15 percent compared to the same period a year ago, and the Fusion share of the midsize car segment is up 3.8 points versus a year ago.

2010 Fusion Hybrid sales account for almost 20 percent of the total Fusion retail sales. More than 60 percent of those sales have been to non-Ford owners, and more than half have been to customers coming from import brands, mostly Toyota and Honda

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      I see Fusion Hybrids all over (northern NYC suburbs/Westchester/Rockland) . . . this isn't exactly Ford country . . . I think it bodes well.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I'm liking this idea!
      • 5 Years Ago
      I think JDM Life thinks only ToyotaLexus drivers enjoy their cars.
        • 5 Years Ago
        "I never said anything of the sort or for that matter thought it.

        Your like a child man...grow up."

        you're the one who hinted that someone didn't like the Fiesta because of their facial expression. What do you expect?
        JDM Life
        • 5 Years Ago
        I never said anything of the sort or for that matter thought it.

        Your like a child man...grow up.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Well it would certainly be odd if someone with JDM in their username didn't like Toyota.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @JDM Life: Can you tell us then how can you tell whether one is enjoying his car or not? By a face expression?
        • 5 Years Ago
        JDM Life told somebody to grow up. Maybe he needs to learn to practice what he preaches.
      • 5 Years Ago
      American carS ceoS , ivy gradS, bankruptcyS ,changeS ,lieS ,doesnt works....

      • 5 Years Ago
      If you have a strong "social media presence" then you are a moronic numbnut.

      The Fiesta movement was interesting at first but has since become old. It should have been followed up with a late-summer/2009 introduction of the Fiesta. Since there is another year to go no one will care much when the car is finally release in North America - 2 years after its initial intro elsewhere.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Oh Greg Aryous is such a cool social media guy. I bet he even tweets! Woooowwww.

        BTW, Aryous, Fiesta's out in europe about a year now, and won't be out here for about a year. You're such a cool, modern guy that your math may be different and so you label this misinfo, but most of the rest of the world that isn't so busy tweeting when the last time they took a dump was (as cool guys like you do) can actually add that 1 year plus 1 year equals 2 years.

        Now you be a good kid and go back to eating your Barney chewable vitamins and waiting for the lastet Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga news, monkey boy.
        • 5 Years Ago
        So much mis-information its pathetic!

        The new Fiesta has been released in Europe for less than 1-year, is just getting into the Asian market and will be revealed to the US market at the LA Auto Show this December and on sale by Q2 next year... just becasue sspy photoss have been out for a year doesn't make it old, unless you look at the Camaro thats been a tease for years!!!

        As far as this social media thing being old, it is the latest marketing craze and is really just getting started, I guess you'd say the Internet is obsolete today too... you sound like such an old fart, get back to your readers digest and take another swig of Geratol...
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is just another smart demonstration how Ford is so far ahead of the rest of the auto industry. Results from the Fiesta Movement show 37% recognition of the Fiesta by 16-25 year olds, thats the same for the Ford Edge that has been out 2-3 years and spent $100+ million on marketing vs. less than $10 million on the Fiesta Movement!

      This social media is far more effective marketing, Ford has direct contact with over 50,000 potential customers for the Fiesta, can't get that thru TV, Radio or print media.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @Eh: I expected the kind of moaning you showcase ("slightest change == fail!!!"), but surprisingly many AB-readers prefer the US-version over the Euro. Which fact, among others, puts your claim about Ford not having a clue in epic collision with reality.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Because its the euro fiesta theyve been parading around. The american Fiesta is going to have the hideous bar grill since Ford America thinks every car should look like a truck. They simply cant catch a clue to save their lives, people who want small fuel efficient cars like the Fiesta do NOT want to be reminded of the F150. I was very interested in the car but after seeing how they destroyed the great nose of the euro model my interest dropped to zero.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Honestly, this could be an intelligent move for Ford. They are eying that No. 2 spot on hybrid sales, and what better vehicle to use than the Fusion Hybrid. It is a remarkable hybrid that sets itself apart from the pack. I test drove one over my fall break to get a feel for this hybrid. Overall, I came out more impressed than I thought. It was responsive and what was most notable was the handling and styling. I felt confident driving it, like it was a bit sportier than others. It also looks sporty. It has an aggressive approach to the typical mid-sized while bringing superior fuel economy. The Fusion Hybrid, I feel, is going to be the flagship of future Ford hybrids. Ford is low on hybrid models for the moment, but that will change I feel, or at least I hope. I would like to see technology integrated into the crossovers and other vehicles in Ford's lineup, not like GM where a hybrid full-sized SUV is considered a ground-breaking accomplishment. Only time will tell.
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