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Nissan pokes fun at Tesla's New Jersey woes, then deletes Tweet

Ever have one of those moments when you release something out onto Twitter, only to think better of it a little while later and reach for that garbage can icon? If so, you are not alone. In fact, you're in the company of a certain Japanese automaker, who recently joined the ranks of those who've suffered an embarrassing bout of tweetus deletus.

Motor Trend giving away Tesla Model S.... sorta

Our initial response to Motor Trend saying it was "giving away" a Tesla Model S, was "we'll take it." Alas, it's only a simulated version.

Ford attends Facebook Hackathon to create The Social Car

Most of us don't quite understand why we'd want Facebook in our cars, but during a recent Hackathon at Facebook's Palo Alto campus, the Blue Oval and the new Big Blue combined forces to go beyond status updates and photos sharing.

SF luxury car-sharing service shuttered after falling victim to theft ring

HiGear was a peer-to-peer car rental service that began in San Francisco six months ago, had opened up shop in Los Angeles, and was in the process of expanding to to other West Coast cities. Specializing in luxury cars under $100,000, members offered their cars up for rental to other locals at rather excellent rates. Cars above six figures were included after being vetted by the service – members were vetted as well – and the service provided comp

Report: GM scouring Internet for customer complaints and responding

File this one under, "See What Happens When You're Hungry?" General Motors has created a dedicated team of customer service agents whose sole job is to track down company and product mentions, good and bad, in the social-mediasphere. If the mention is a bad one, the team will attempt to connect the unsatisfied party with a GM representative who can help resolve the issue.

Ford recreating Fiesta Movement with Fusion 41 program

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ford recreating Fiesta Movement with Fusion 41 program

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Fiat courting social media input to develop 2010 concept car

Nearly all new cars and trucks are developed in secret, hidden from the scrutiny of the public and the competitive eyes of the other manufacturers. Tossing all of that nonsense aside, Fiat has started a Brazilian website with the intent of designing what it says will be the world's first "consumer-generated" concept car. Visitors to the site are encouraged to make suggestions about any component -- including powerplant, materials, and the all-important infota

The Ergo Bike Premium 8i lets you race other bikers using the web

There is absolutely no good reason for me to get an Ergo Bike Premium 8i. It would be just too embarrassing! I am not nearly good enough a rider to consider challenging anybody with any real skill. I like to ride for fun, though. If you consider riding a stationary bike too boring, but need or want the exercise, maybe you should consider one of these for yourself. This stationary cycle allows you to Jeremy Korzeniewski