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2018 GMC Acadia with 'Christmas Aero' modification gets in the wind tunnel

GMC borrows Lockeed-Martin's wind tunnel to test how Christmas decorations affect 2018 Acadia fuel economy.

A look inside Ford labs working on wearables and portable wind tunnels | Translogic 210

We check out Ford's latest and greatest technology on this episode of Translogic.

Ford built a mobile wind tunnel from shipping containers

It's like a container house, but for giant fans.

Instead of taking new cars to the wind tunnel, Ford's bringing the tunnel to the factory.

2016 Chevy Malibu exhaustively tested with four decades of data

Chevy didn't take the easy route when it came to developing the upcoming all-new Malibu, and has given us a sneak peek at the new sedan ahead of its New York debut next month with this video shot during its development.

Ferrari California T Streaked With Color By Photographer

Swiss photographer captures quickness of sports car with UV paint

Like Ferrari, Oefner combines art, design and science in his creations. So he was a natural choice when the automaker began looking for a unique way to introduce the 2015 Ferrari California T to the world.

Which is more fuel efficient, driving with a pickup's tailgate up or down?

We Find Out With A 2015 Ford F-150, A Wind Tunnel And A Smoke Wand

Thanks to the smoke wand in the wind tunnel, you can actually see the difference in our video.

Ferrari reopens wind tunnel after 18-month refurb

Ferrari is not a company used to being behind the curve, but if you've been wondering how the Scuderia has lost so much territory on the Formula One circuit to a relative newcomer like Red Bull, part of the answer could come down to its wind tunnel.

Mini shows Cooper Works GP goes for a smoke, cheats the wind

Mini wants you to know all about its latest, limited-to-2,000 John Cooper Works GP edition. After a stint at the 'Ring to set a time of 8:23, the two-seat-only Cooper has parked itself in the wind tunnel to demonstrate its various wind-cheating features like the engine shield and rear wing.

BMW lends its wind tunnel to test the Olympic torch [w/video]

In between bouts of Olympic games, the official torch that traditionally kicks off the opening ceremonies makes the long journey by a relay of runners to the host site. And you can bet that over the course of years, it has passed through some tricky environmental conditions. But is it ready to endure the unpredictability of British weather?

Honda invests $355 million in mpg-increasing wind tunnel, other upgrades at Ohio sites

Honda Motor is making $355 million worth of upgrades at two facilities in Ohio and has opened its first-ever U.S. wind tunnel. The end goal here is to eke out more fuel efficiency gains from vehicles designed, built and sold in North America.

In Detail: Aerodynamic Testing In GM's Wind Tunnel

This week's episode of TRANSLOGIC features Suzy Cody, a GM Aerodynamic Development Engineer who also happens to have blue hair and participate in a Roller Derby league. When not lacing 'em up as "Shovey Camaro," Cody is working diligently on improving the fuel economy of vehicles in the wind tunnel at the GM Tech Center. Basically, aerodynamic efficiency boils down to one met

Ice skating beauty Katarina Witt checks out BMW test center [w/video]

Katarina Witt and the BMW Environment Test Center – Click above for high-res image gallery

Slide Rule Chic: Edgy can be aerodynamic, too

Click above to view high-res gallery of the Ford Flex

VIDEO: Step inside BMW's F1 wind tunnel

Fun though it may be, racing is still an applied science. Perhaps this is most evident in the tech heavy F1 cars. BMW uses a very trick wind tunnel to test their Sauber F1 car in virtually all dynamic conditions to ensure that the aerodynamics give the desired result. This video has a bit of a Kubrick/2001 feel to it, but it's fascinating watching the car "drive" on this gigantic treadmill. As usual, the video does a much better job than a whole bagful of words, so check it out after the jump.

Wind tunnel + dyno = as real as you can get

After spending an unhealthy amount of time around a dyno in recent weeks (more on that soon), the benefits of such testing is hardly lost on those of us looking to eek out every last ounce of propulsion potential. But they don't tell the whole tale. Neither do wind tunnels for that matter, as even air traveling upwards of 200 MPH doesn't accurately reflect real world conditions. Enter Haas CNC Racing.

Video: Peugeot 908 RC concept

Later this week at Paris, Peugeot will be officially unveiling the menacing-yet-elegant 908 RC concept car, details and photos of which we brought you last month.