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Volkswagen teases the ID Vizzion autonomous car again

Brief glimpses of a possible self-driving future ahead of Geneva show

Volkswagen gets up close and personal with some of the detailing on the autonomous I.D. Vizzion electric sedan concept.

VW produces its last Phaeton at the Transparent Factory

Volkswagen's Transparent Factory in Dresden is being repurposed as a technology showcase after production of the Phaeton has come to an end.

VW needs cash, temporarily closes Phaeton plant in Dresden

Volkswagen will finally end production of the current Phaeton next year and will temporarily shut down the sedan's Dresden, Germany, factory. However, the site will reopen in time to build the next-generation model.

VW slashes investments in wake of scandal

Volkswagen announces that it will cut investment next year by eight percent, or one billion euros, while it shepherds cash to pay for the diesel emissions issue.

Will VW close the Phaeton plant?

Volkswagen might close the opulent factory for the Phaeton in Dresden, Germany, to cut costs. The plant reportedly only builds eight of the luxury sedans a week.

Will a Phaeton EV rise from the VW Dieselgate ashes?

Volkswagen is announcing a big push towards electrification in the future, and headlining the new models is a next-gen EV Phaeton.

VW delays new Phaeton flagship sedan

The next-generation Volkswagen Phaeton is ready to go, but VW has delayed what would have been the brand's flagship sedan while it figures out how to build the car for less money.

VW still set on Phaeton redux despite cost-cutting drive and losing $32k per car

Despite the Volkswagen Phaeton suffering poor sales and losing money, Volkswagen is committed to the idea and wants to build another generation of the luxury sedan. It could cost the company an estimated $737 million to do it, while already having the Audi A8 to fill a similar role.

VW Phaeton to offer plug-in hybrid, diesel powertrains when it returns in a few years

Volkswagen of America honcho Michael Horn has already promised to bring the slow-selling but excellent Phaeton back to the United States in 2018 or 2019. Beyond the confirmation of the nameplate, though, there's really very little in the way

VW America president says Phaeton will return to US in 2018

Volkswagen knows that its US operations need some help, so it installed Michael Horn as CEO of its American operations a few months ago. In a new interview with Bloomberg, Horn g

VW Phaeton coming back to US, could be revealed in Detroit

Since its ignominious departure from the US car market in 2006, there have been any number of on-again/off-again rumors about the Volkswagen Phaeton returning to our shores. With that said, VW's aggressive goals in terms of worldwide sales dominance would seem to countenance all manner of new product; taking a second stab at a halo-luxury car for the US, included.