When Volkswagen introduced their Mercedes pretender the Phaeton here in the US a few years ago it landed with a resounding thud. For some reason the idea of an $80,000+ VW went over so poorly that VW of America dropped it after barely two years on the market. The Phaeton however lives on in Europe and has recently gotten some updates.

This week at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) in Leipzig is adding the 230hp 3.0L V6 TDI diesel to the Phaeton. The noteworthy aspect of this is that the new engine already meets the new Euro 5 emissions standards two years before they go into effect. Under the new standards, particulate emissions have to be eighty percent lower than the current Euro 4 standards.

[Source: Volkswagen]
Perfected Phaeton: V6 TDI already meets Euro 5 standards

Ready for the market in early summer, Volkswagen will be launching another technological highlight for diesel development: the Phaeton V6 TDI. The 233 PS luxury class saloon meets the Euro 5 standards being introduced in 2009. These are only met by diesel vehicles which omit 80% fewer soot particles than the limits set in the current Euro 4 standards. In addition, many new technical features have been designed for all versions of the Phaeton, like the stopping distance control "Front Assist", the lane change assistant "Side Assist", bi-xenon headlights with LED daylight driving lights and a navigation system now supported by DVD.

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