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New Efficiency Project Wants To Put More People In Fewer Vehicles

The Toyota Mobility Foundation expands to Da Nang, Vietnam with shuttle bus and park-and-ride services. It's the second project, after the first in Bangkok.


The growing popularity of dashcams is catching all sorts of bad behavior on the road, and the devices can often help police find the perpetrator. Case in point: This alleged thief who was filmed pickpocketing on the move in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Some people are satisfied with collecting action figures and posters of their favorite superheros, but one Batman fan in Vietnam decided to take it a step further and built his own Batpod motorcycle.


A Vietnamese crosswalk is a great place for motorized transportation, especially when it's of the two-wheeled variety. It's not, however, a great place for people. Still, the brave soul in the video posted after the jump understands how to tackle this dangerous obstacle course. Slowly, methodically, this adventurous man cuts through the unyielding traffic mass like a surgical pedestrian.

The Top Gear team is going global. Location shoots are planned to take the British trio all over the planet, starting with Vietnam. Clarkson, May, and Hammond loved the idea when they were plotting it in the pub, but they didn't actually plan for the fact that Nam doesn't have adequate roads... or very many cars. That made the idea of finding a £600 vehicle and racing it across the country a non-starter, but that doesn't mean the crew couldn't come up with an adventure worthy of Top billin

The average Vietnamese woman stands five-feet and one-inch tall and weighs all of 103 pounds. The men are only three-inches taller, on average, and weigh 121 pounds. Who cares? Um, pretty much everybody in Vietnam, as the government there is looking at proposed legislation that would ban anybody with a chest size of less than 28 inches from riding a motorcycle. This is a very big deal for smaller-sized people, considering that some 90% of all vehicles registered in Vietnam are of the two-wheeled

It looks like the Top Gear guys are in Vietnam working on an hour-long special. While we don't have any specifics, we do have some pics that popped up on Ausmotive. The Top Gear website isn't much help, cryptically telling us that the lads don't plan on shooting anyone, but they don't rule it out knowing that Jezza is there. Expect a challenge of some sort, probably involving something considerably slower than the American iron they sampled while Stateside, and of course lots of laughs as always

As the price of oil goes through the roof, people the world 'round are responding. Here in America many have reduced their driving or traded in their SUV for a hybrid. Others, horror of horrors, have even started taking the bus. In Vietnam, where many folks have been riding 50cc "motorbikes" for years, the reaction has been to switch to electric versions. According to state-owned e-newspaper VietNamNet, "they are selling like hotcakes." One retailer (name not given) interviewed for the story, w

Today Honda cuts the ribbon and opens up its first automobile production plant in a suburb outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. The Honda Vietnam Co. (HVC) factory has the capacity to build engines, weld, paint and assemble whole vehicles, with a projected output of up to 10,000 vehicles per year. Currently, the plant is equipped to produce the new Civic sedan, although its not said for which markets.