Well, this looks Hanoi-ing.

Vietnamese traffic lieutenant Nguyen Manh Phan pulled over a bus driver in Hanoi for driving on the wrong side of the road. Instead of cooperating, the driver refused to show his papers and decided instead to flee the scene.

The officer, though, wasn't keen on seeing driver Phung Hong Phuong get away so easily, so he positioned himself in front of the bus. When the bus began moving, the officer grabbed hold of the windshield wipers and hung on for dear life.

The bus driver did eventually pull over about a kilometer down the road after more officers and civilians pursued, but not before the incident was caught on tape.

Now, having personally visited the country in the last year, believe me when I tell you that traffic laws almost completely go unenforced and everyone drives on the wrong side of the road in Vietnam. In other words, this person must really have been driving dangerously to be singled out. What's more, he had been released from prison in 2010 for his part in a fatal traffic accident.

The video, along with a news report on the incident, can be seen by scrolling down.

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