The average Vietnamese woman stands five-feet and one-inch tall and weighs all of 103 pounds. The men are only three-inches taller, on average, and weigh 121 pounds. Who cares? Um, pretty much everybody in Vietnam, as the government there is looking at proposed legislation that would ban anybody with a chest size of less than 28 inches from riding a motorcycle. This is a very big deal for smaller-sized people, considering that some 90% of all vehicles registered in Vietnam are of the two-wheeled variety.
At this point, you're probably asking yourself why the government would make such a law. Good question. Apparently, it's for safety purposes, or so they say. We think it's one of the more ridiculous laws ever considered, and it could have a very large impact on, uh, small people who have just as much right to ride to work as their larger brethren. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane]

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