Vietnamese rider creates his own Batpod, forgets Batsuit riding gear

Some people are satisfied with collecting action figures and posters of their favorite superheros, but one Batman fan in Vietnam decided to take it a step further and built his own Batpod motorcycle.

It's not a full-scale replica, but the custom, home-built Batpod does look like something Batman would ride if Bruce Wayne wasn't a billionaire. From the video, we can see that it's powered by a Suzuki motorcycle engine, thoroughly blacked out with spray paint. The exhaust system isn't exactly free flowing with the exhaust-driven faux Gatling gun attached to the end of it (though it looks cool). Car wheels and tires are used to keep it looking like the real thing, but are probably not good for handling. Impressively, it uses a double-caliper disc-brake setup front and rear. Less impressively, every weld on the thing looks as though it's about to give up the fight at any moment.

With such attention to detail, we can only wonder why the rider wasn't wearing a Batsuit, choosing the less imposing shorts and sandals look, instead. Check out the video below.

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