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Tesla will pay to settle EPA hazardous waste claims

Surprise inspections turned up problems at the factory

Surprise inspections turned up problems at the factory.

Tesla records three times as many OSHA violations as 10 other factories combined

Data collected from 2014 to 2018

Data collected from 2014 to 2018.

NYT reports racial harassment at Tesla's Fremont plant

Meanwhile, a black worker encountered a noose at a GM plant

Meanwhile, a black worker encountered a noose at a GM plant.

Tesla starts hiring for new $2 billion Shanghai plant

Most of the positions are senior in level

Most of the positions are senior in level.

Tesla will use six-day shutdown to fix Model 3 assembly line problems

Production will be paused from May 26 through 31

Tesla Inc will pause production at its California factory for six days at the end of the May to work on fixes to its assembly line for its new Model 3 sedan, sources inside the company told Reuters. The Silicon Valley luxury electric car maker previously warned of 10 days of temporary shutdowns this quarter as the company addresses manufacturing problems that have delayed volume production of the Model 3 sedan, which is seen as crucial to Tesla's long-term profitability.

Tesla putting up its factory as collateral

5.3 million square-foot plant helps raise cash

Tesla has changed the terms of its borrowing agreement with banks to allow it to pledge its Fremont auto plant as collateral — a move seen by some analysts as an effort to boost liquidity.

Elon Musk agrees robot glut slowed Model 3 production

Around 10,000 humans work at the Fremont factory

Tesla's affordable Model 3 has been trapped in development hell for what seems like ages now, and in an interview with CBS's Gayle King, CEO Elon Musk offered a little more insight into how the production process has fallen short. While escorting King through the company's Fremont, California-based factory, Musk conc

Bloomberg creates a Tesla Model 3 production tracker

News outlet pulls some data, and here's what it estimates is happening

Bloomberg creates a Tesla Model 3 Tracker to measure how many entry-level EVs Tesla makes at its Fremont, California, factory every week.

Build fast, fix later: Speed hurts quality at Tesla, workers say

"Doors not closing, material trim, missing parts, all kinds of stuff. Loose objects, water leaks, you name it."

Musk has vowed Tesla would become "the best manufacturer on Earth."

Tesla deliveries rise, but Model 3 faces 'bottlenecks'

It has delivered 220 Model 3 sedans so far.

It has delivered 220 Model 3 sedans so far.

With Model 3, Tesla will approach manufacturing in a new way

Elon Musk says Tesla is hellbent on being the world's best manufacturer.

Looking at a million vehicles a year by 2020, Tesla is going to change the way it designs and builds its electric cars.

Old nuclear powerplant might become Tesla's first EU factory

In January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Tesla's French HQ in Chambourcy. During the event, Musk brought up the idea of building a Tesla factory somewhere in Europe, and that the French Alsace region would be a good option in terms of geography.

Tesla Model X production line looks like a car factory

The Car Guide gets a video of the Tesla Model X and Model S being built at Tesla's Fremont factory.

Tesla halts production to prep for Model X

That darling of the electric car world, Tesla, is idling production at its factory in Fremont, CA, for the first time in order to expand the factory in preparation for its future Model X crossover. The $100-million renovation will add 25 robots and upgrades to the body shop and assembly line to support the new vehicle.

California grants Tesla $34.7 million tax break to boost production

Tesla Motors' plans to expand just got a big boost, as the state of California has announced it will give the Palo Alto-based company a $34.7 million tax break to increase its production capacity. The EV manufacturer is being given a pass on sales and use taxes on up to $415 million worth of equipment, according to a report on the San Francisco Chronicle's website.

Three Tesla workers injured in incident at Fremont factory

Three workers at the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, CA, were injured today by hot metal after the failure of a low-pressure aluminum coating casting press. Despite reports of a possible fire, we have confirmed that there was no fire at the plant (a Domenick Yoney

Tesla considers adding overseas production

Tesla is currently using the old General Motors/Toyota NUMMI facility in California for Model S production, and despite the brand's rapid growth, it's still not coming close to approaching t

Watch Tesla Model S get assembled, painted; find details of 'opportunity console'

Tesla Motors is just a few days away from handing over Model S key fobs to the first batch of customers. Yes, the company already gave investor and board member Steve Jurvetson and CEO Elon Musk their Founder Series cars, but this time it's for reals.

Tesla cancels plans to move to San Jose

Tesla's plans to eventually build a pair of new factories for the Model S and powertrain components in San Jose, CA have run into a ditch. The move was announced last September, just before the (official) collapse of the world's financial markets. However, the plan ran into trouble quickly when Tesla was unable to complete a $100 million round of Series E venture funding. Not long after that, the up-start nearly ran out cash before existing investors put in another $40 million. The bulk of the $

Tesla officially declares Albuquerque to be WhiteStar, USA

The bidding war is over, and Albuquerque, New Mexico is now officially the location of the new WhiteStar electric sedan factory. This location is not a complete surprise, as we reported two days ago, but I'm sure folks in North Carolina and elsewhere are disappointed.

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