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Massive Blipshift Tee-Lection sale brings popular designs back

Another sale will happen after Thanksgiving with new productions going on a flash sale.

Design the Obsessive Car Disorder t-shirt for Autoblog and Blipshift

Make Us A Killer Tee And We'll Send You To Race School

Autoblog and Blipshift are teaming up to create the ultimate obsessive car t-shirt, and you're going to design it for us. Enter the contest but submitting your design, and you could win a Skip Barber racing school and a closet full of rad Blipshift tees.

There's a lot of odd, unauthorized Elon Musk gear out there

The web is full of Elon Musk-themed merchandise from T-shirts to fish tank clocks. It's no wonder why: Tesla pulls in millions from its own gear shop, which hawks everything from coffee mugs to hats to professional cycling kits.

Chinese thwarting seat belt laws with t-shirts

If necessity is the mother of ingenuity, law enforcement must be the doting father. Drivers in China have taken to circumventing local seatbelt laws by purchasing and wearing special T-shirts. The shirts feature a graphic with a stripe that runs from shoulder to hip, creating the illusion that the driver is wearing his or her harness while seated. Zach Bowman

You can now buy your very own Porsche Design Shuttlecock

When using or wearing branded gear is cause to ask yourself, "Um, too much?" the answer is usually a resounding "Yes." If you're incapable of responding to this question honestly, then Porsche Design has created a new suite of accessories for you. The Colors of 1968 collection celebrates the available hues of the 911 at the close of the sixties: Tangerine, Polo Red, Irish Green and Ossi Blue.

Hydrogen slogan contest voting begins; satire didn't make the cut

Surprisingly (j/k), none of the satirical and funny submissions that AutoblogGreen readers posted in the comments of our original post on the California Fuel Cell Partnership's t-shirt contest made it to the final four. Instead, we have the potential winners seen above:

You Know, For the Kids: Volvo Motorsport launches children's racing gear

Volvo Motorsport Collection – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ford's Targeted advertisement

If your boyfriend recently bought you an F-150, Fusion, or Mustang and you want to show your thanks to said boyfriend, head on down to the nearest Target. The retailer is selling T-shirts that proclaim in faded lettering: "My boyfriend bought me a Ford."