Surprisingly (j/k), none of the satirical and funny submissions that AutoblogGreen readers posted in the comments of our original post on the California Fuel Cell Partnership's t-shirt contest made it to the final four. Instead, we have the potential winners seen above:
  • Change. It's in the air.
  • Ahead of the pack with a fuel cell stack.
  • Designed with the world in mind.
  • Say hello to progress. Say Hy to to the future.
These four were selected from over 600 entries, the CaFCP says, and voting is now open to see which one will get made into a T-shirt. The CaFCP is redesigning the images that are assigned to these slogans, and wants you to vote for the slogan, not the picture. Voting closes September 8.

[Source: CaFCP]

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