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Programmers dream of replicating driving styles of racing legends

Programmers dream of replicating driving styles of racing legends.


Waymo, Intel and others realize they face a "skeptical public," even as Congress paves the way.

Companies realize they have a public opinion problem, even as Congress paves the way.


A century ago, cars took over city streets, and they won't relinquish control anytime soon.

A century ago, cars took over city streets, and they won't relinquish control anytime soon.


Coexisting with less careful human drivers is really difficult.

Most of the crashes involved drivers of other vehicles striking the GM cars that were slowing for stop signs, pedestrian or other issues.


Intel identifies seven issues for autonomous passengers.

Recent study shows the risk-reward argument everyday consumers have over the tech.


The "Passenger Economy" is expected to become a $7 trillion industry.

The "Passenger Economy" created by the advent of autonomous vehicles is predicted to swell from $800 billion in 2035 to a whopping to $7 trillion by 2050.


39 percent of Baby Boomers want self-driving cars off their lawn.

All but 11 percent of Generation Z customers say they trust self-driving technology.


A preliminary injunction could prohibit Uber's self-driving vehicle tests while the case is ongoing.


Younger drivers are less skeptical, but they grew up with different movies.

Research shows skepticism for robot cars is generational.


The initial run is 100 test vehicles.

The project only took six months from kick-off to production.

Four major trends are changing the automotive industry as we know it.


Civil Maps. Remember that name. The California startup is definitely on Ford's radar.

VP Ken Washington discusses Ford Smart Mobility, autonomous cars, and more.

For so-called "traditional" automakers, Detroit's Big Three have spent considerable resources over the past few months upending their conventional business models.


Otto was founded by former Googlers Anthony Levandowski, Lior Ron, Don Burnette, and Claire Delaunay to "rethink" commercial trucking.


Autonomous cars are hitting highways across the United States, and automotive black boxes, or event data recorders, are getting more advanced than ever.

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Greg Migliore recaps the week in automotive news, including a look at the FCA, Google partnership, Ferrair's new CEO, and the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

Former NHTSA administrator says self-driving cars need their own set of laws.

Autonomous minivans are coming. Preparing them for use on public roads will be as much a legal hurdle as a technical one.


Chrysler and tech giant will collaborate on 100 Pacifica hybrid minivans.

Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles confirmed a partnership Tuesday in which the two companies will collaborate on creating autonomous minivans.


Billionaire investor predicts big long-term changes, praises Ralph Nader.

At least two prominent billionaires believe the arrival of self-driving cars will eventually spell the end of the auto insurance industry. Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday morning, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates said they believe autonomous vehicles will upend car insurers.


Google's Chris Urmson interested in on-demand, autonomous minivans

Executives from Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have held discussions about creating a technical partnership, the purpose of which would be to further development of self-driving vehicles, according to multiple reports. The two companies might make ideal partners.

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