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EV drivers test out gas car for the first time: 'It feels weird'

Swedish EV advocacy group Power Circle turns a short story about an an EV driver going ICE for the first time into a short film.

SNL, Jim Carrey late to the Lincoln MKC ad spoof party

At this point, making fun of the Lincoln MKC ads starring Matthew McConaughey is getting pretty old, though apparently Lincoln loves it. The commercials have been airing for over a month, but

The Onion reports DOT creating new lane for reckless drivers

A new report from The Onion details a new Department Of Transportation initiative to give reckless drivers their own space on highways, thus freeing them from the drudgery of actually driving. The new lanes will be of a special bowl design to keep cars on the right track while obviating the need for things like steering. Once the national highway system is fully upgraded with these lanes, that impatient meathead with the misaimed headlight won't have to ride your bumper in his pickup an

ORN reports on move by environmentalists in Alabama to promote solar power

ORN is probably the my favorite news source after The Daily Show, and never fails to get to the heart of what's happening in our world every day. Host Doyle Redland had an outstanding report the other day about an effort by environmental groups in the hotbed of liberalism known as Alabama to promote solar power. Because of certain policies, Alabama uses huge quantities of electricity. To get all the details of what they are trying to do, he

Ford Futura Spring GT/A Wagon shows C&D's lighter side

With all the talk of impending doom in Detroit, Car and Driver decided to ease the tension in its current June 2006 issue with a mock review of the 2006 Ford Futura Sprint GT/A Wagon. The facts, figures and specs surrounding the Futura Sprint are written with such a straight face that at times author John Phillips has us believing this punchline exists.