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The recent happenings of the auto industry are anything but funny, especially when it comes to the tens of thousands of lost jobs. Well, it wasn't funny until the writers at The Onion put their comedic minds to it. Beyond the jump is a positively brilliant spoof on Onion News Now for a reality show called Auto Warriors. The reality show won't show people trying to win $1 million dollars or score a record deal with Simon Cowell. Instead, the faux show pits workers from two Ford plants against one another, and the winners keep their jobs. The task for the big two hour edition of Auto Warriors? Build 1,000 Ford Focus models in 24 hours... with no electricity.

From where we sit, the satire is funny because it shows exactly why reality shows have gone over the deep end. It's brilliant because it underscores the apathy with which job losses are reported in the media, while also showing just how difficult a situation blue collar America is in. It sounds like an attack on the auto workers, but when you watch it you'll see that the the auto workers are the only ones that survive the 3:24 spoof intact. Hit the jump to watch it for yourselves. (Belated) Hat tip to Neil.

[Source: The Onion]

Autoworkers Compete to Keep Jobs, Livelihoods on New Reality Show

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