Ford Futura Spring GT/A Wagon shows C&D's lighter side

With all the talk of impending doom in Detroit, Car and Driver decided to ease the tension in its current June 2006 issue with a mock review of the 2006 Ford Futura Sprint GT/A Wagon. The facts, figures and specs surrounding the Futura Sprint are written with such a straight face that at times author John Phillips has us believing this punchline exists.

Some interesting notes about the fictitious Ford include its dual driver's side and mono passenger side doors, single three-person front bench seat (that's it for seating), airbag-less five-spoke steering wheel, Hurst shifter and narrow-angle Miller-cycle 3.0L V6.

If you look closely at the pictures you can see a Mazda6 wagon peeking through the expertly applied Photoshop, but the engine pic looks like the Yamaha 3.0L unit from the Taurus SHO, the taillights are from the Fusion, and the dash from the Mazda6. Shout out if you see any other car parts in the Futura's collage.

Thanks Jamie C. for the tip!

[Source: Car and Driver]

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