Back in April, Tesla Club Sweden forum member Tibor Blomhäll posted a fanciful story of someone who had only ever driven electric cars going to a dealership to test drive an internal combustion engine car. Swedish electric car advocacy group Power Circle turned that tale into a short film.

Both are a little heavy handed and ask you to suspend a lot of disbelief. It would be better to think of this fictional test driver (they're a duo in the film) as hailing from some land where ICE cars didn't exist. That would make it easier to swallow the parts where they have never heard of a manual transmission, have never been to a gas station, and don't realize that you need to turn a car off to get the engine to shut down.

We prefer the original story to the film since we got a few chuckles out of its take on the present system, like when the protagonist makes the observation that ICE car shoppers purchase vehicles from car repair centers. Or when, upset at the "extortionate" prices of gasoline, they wonder why "no gasoline car manufacturers have launched their own free gas stations." The little story has been translated into 12 languages and it's worth a read. Keeping in mind the source and that it's all in fun, then check out the cinematic adaptation above.

Stories and videos like these can help change the feeling of gas-car ubiquity. This is a message that you can find out there (like in this Tweet), but the new paradigm folks have their work cut our for them if they want to get everyone to look at a gas pump and think, "WTH?"

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